LAUREN, Owner and Master Stylist

I have been in the beauty industry for over 17 years. I love everything about the industry and it has been a dream come true to finally open my own salon. Continuing education in the beauty field is the most important thing for me. I am dedicated to my craft and constantly going to classes to learn new things and perfect my craft. Some of my favorite classes were a three day hands on cutting class at the Sassoon Academy, Razor Cutting at the Arrojo Academy, and the many classes I have taken at the Bumble and Bumble University in NYC. I have also taken color classes and balayage classes with some of the top names in the industry. One great experience I had was a five week hairstyling course in Milan, Italy. I got the privilege to attend Fashion Week in Milan and style hair for one of the shows. My advice for my clients is to not shampoo your hair everyday. You can extend your style with Arrojo Re FINISH dry shampoo. My favorite part of being a hair stylist is to teach people how to style their own hair so they can look fabulous in between appointments!


I have been in the industry since 2013. I have always been passionate about the beauty industry and after finishing two years of school as a fashion merchandising major I decided to pursue my passion for hair. I love transforming hair texture with a blowdryer, with the right products and a brush. Some of my favorite products are Arrojo Set & Style Spray, Arrojo ReFRESH Dry Conditioner, and American Wave Shampoo. One of the most influential classes I have taken in my career was at The Arrojo Academy in NYC where I learned many different cutting & color techniques. It’s inspiring to see the innovators of our industry want to share their styling techniques & wisdom in the beauty industry . I also continue an education at The L Salon with weekly in salon classes in all aspects of hair styling, cutting, and coloring. My advice to my clients is change is a good thing and change promotes growth. Don’t be afraid to change hairstyles and try new things!

MADISON, Junior Stylist

I graduated Capri cosmetology school in August 2017. I’m an artist and I enjoy using different mediums to be creative and hair allows me to follow my passions. I enjoy all aspects of beauty but I’m most creative when I’m doing color. I look forward to continuing my education and taking any classes I can to improve my skills as a stylist. My favorite product is Arrojo’s Texture Paste because it can create movement while maintaining a edgy cut or color. I love everything about the service industry, especially when it helps enhance people’s beauty and confidence!


Tracy, Stylist

Before beginning my career as a hairdresser, I studied fine art and interior design at the Fashion Institute of Technology. It was a natural progression to continue studying shape, texture, and color by attending Arrojo Cosmetology in NYC, graduating valedictorian.


After working at a top salon on Long Island for 4 years I decided to make the move to the Hudson Valley. I am thrilled to have found like minded and passionate fellow stylists as well as new place to call home.


I have attended multiple hands-on color seminars at the prestigious Wella World Studio in NYC as well as a variety of styling seminars at Bumble and Bumble University



I am an Esthetician and I’ve been in the beauty industry for about a year now. Even though I am new to the industry I am very excited and eager to continue my journey as a skin therapist. I work with all aspects of the skin, but my favorite service is a facial! I love the idea of being able to clean out someones impurities and give them fresh glowing skin. My favorite skin care product is Precleanse by Dermalogica. I love how it melts away my makeup at the end of a long day, or even just a quick cleanse when I’m in a rush. The best thing about working in the beauty industry is being able to help give people their confidence back! I love when my clients leave feeling like a new person.


I have always had a passion in not only art, but people. I graduated from Capri Cosmetology as an Esthetician in January of 2017 and am extremely happy to be apart of the L Salon team. I’ve always had a fascination with skin care and make up so when it was time to buckle down and work towards a career, i knew becoming an esthetician would allow me to prosper. Working with art my whole life has given me a deeper appreciation for makeup. It has allowed me to have a wide range of styles and techniques to fit a persons individuality. Being able to help one feel as beautiful as possible is a reward in itself.  I specialize in eyebrow waxing shaping and customizing to your face. Shaping eyebrows is one of my favorite things to do one of my favorite products for creating a great brow on someone who may lack the fullness is is the essential eyebrow trio by bodography.

TAYLORSalon Coordinator

I have been interested in the beauty industry for as long as I can remember. Starting with makeup, branching out to hair, skin and nails, I love it all! I am Aveda trained and certified so I have a broad understanding of many different parts of this industry, from behind the desk to behind the chair. My favorite part of this industry however, would have to be the customer service aspect, as that is where the whole experience begins! I will always and forever greet every client with a smile, and treat them as if they were my own family. Even though I am in the process of getting licensed to make people even more beautiful, that doesn’t stop me from making them feel as beautiful as they are from the moment they walk through the door.


My favorite products here at The L are Hydro Mist and the American Wave Rehab Shampoo and Submerge Conditioner by Arrojo because they keep my colored hair hydrated, soft and conditioned!

NINASalon Coordinator

I am one of the first people seen by most clients who walk in the door at The L Salon; That is why I take pride in making people feel right at home and feel welcomed by the presence of the front desk. I have a background in the beauty industry and I have always been interested in the aspect of making someone feel confident and happy in their own skin just from a hair, makeup, nails, and/or spa service. I enjoy helping others be connected with a stylist to extract the best possible outcome of a beauty service, and I enjoy building customer relationships for future recurring clients with our team-mates at The L Salon. My favorite part of my job is my passion for helping women and men feel like the most attractive version of themselves and self-assured about their appearance. I love to watch our clients leave feeling confident and relaxed as I assist them in making a payment, or scheduling a returning service. I enjoy treating others the way I would want to be treated - with a happy smile and a comfortable perception of The L Salon and it’s team and I will always be grateful to be a part of their family. My favorite products here are Dermalogica's Daily Microfoliant and Multi-active Toner, these products keep the skin smooth and clear, and they are a good prep for any makeup application!


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