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The L Salon carries several product lines, such as Arrojo hair care products, Dermalogica skin care, Meow Meow Tweet skin care, and Bodyography professional cosmetics. All products are used during our services and are available for retail purchase.

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Arrojo American Wave productsAs an Arrojo Ambassador Salon, we’re proud of the relationship we’ve made with Nick Arrojo and his entire team. We’ve hosted several classes taught by master stylist Nick Arrojo at our salon, and frequently attend his “Happy Monday” hair cutting classes in NYC. We’re proudly certified in American Wave chemical texturizing services, and use all Arrojo products during our hair services. Each product is vitamin enriched, protein packed, and made of the highest quality ingredients.

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Dermalogica productsStarting in California as the International Dermal Institute (IDI), Dermalogica has quickly made a name for themselves as one of the most innovative skin care lines in the beauty industry today. As a Dermalogica certified salon, we offer dynamic skincare services using professional products for real results you can actually see. The L Salon is proud to offer these amazing products during facials and retail sales to help boost your confidence and overall skin health!

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Meow Meow Tweet products displayed on the L Salon shelfBased locally out of Gardiner NY, Meow Meow Tweet creates small-batch skincare products that are vegan, cruelty-free, and 100% organic. Each product is carefully crafted as if they were their own culinary dishes, and feature only natural and sustainable ingredients. Featuring zero-waste packaging, all products are able to be recycled after use. We are proud to offer MMT retail products in addition to using them during our New Paltz facials!

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Bodyography Glitter PigmentOriginating in the 90s, Bodyography has been a world leader in developing professional cosmetics. This makeup line was developed with each and every skin tone in mind, and is featured in both small and large scale salons for a face that completes the look! The L Salon uses all Bodyography during weddings, bridal trials, and makeup lessons to help enhance your natural beauty.

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