Each facial can be specifically tailored to your individual needs. Please consult with our estheticians if you have any skincare concerns or are on any medications.

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Mini Facial: $40
All the benefits of a Classic Facial tailored to fit your on-the go-life! A double cleanse, professional exfoliation, treatment masque, tone, and moisturize to seal up those pores and protect from harmful pollutants.

Dermalogica Pro-Power Peel: $65
These chemical peels are layered and customized to your personal skin needs. They can help prevent breakouts, visibly reduce hyperpigmentation, diminish oil, minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and much more!

Classic Facial: $75
This facial will not only have you relaxed and refreshed, but it aims to soothe irritated skin, hydrate dry or mature skin, or rebalance oily skin. Starting with Dermalogica’s signature double cleanse, this facial features all the essentials; professional exfoliation, extractions, soothing massage, treatment masque, toning, and moisturizing.

Water Street Hydrating Facial: $75
Take a walk down Water Street with this facial that is sure to soothe dry, flaky skin. Using hydrating cleansers, toners, and moisturizers, this facial is designed specifically for those with dry/combination skin that needs an extra boost. Bring the water content back into your skin and lock in hydration for a dewy glow.

The “Gunks” Purifying Facial: $90
Kick acne to the curb with this purifying and detoxifying treatment facial. This treatment promotes breakout clearing far beyond the treatment room and will clear any impurities causing stubborn blemishes. Features a double cleanse, exfoliation, extractions, and a multi-vitamin resurface booster.

Lemon Squeeze Vitamin-C Facial: $90
Decrease wrinkles and soothe sun-damaged skin with a tonal balance. This facial is sure to enhance skin clarity, reduce the appearance of sun and age spots, and exfoliate any dull surface cells. Leave feeling fresh, clean, bright, and glowing like you just hiked the Lemon Squeeze trail!

The Ridge to Riches Anti-Aging Facial: $120
Get rid of those fine lines and wrinkles with this anti-aging facial. This is the perfect treatment for clients who need a revitalizing power boost and/or deep moisture. Designed to help firm, smooth, nourish, regenerate and energize mature or aging skin.

The L Signature: $145
Immerse yourself in this hour and thirty minute treatment for maximum relaxation! A hand and foot scrub, masque, and massage leads into a Classic European Facial. Good for all skin types, especially if you are looking for a simple full pampered experience.

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Reduce puffiness and the appearance of fine lines with this plumping eye mask.
Can be added to any facial or hair service. Can be used over makeup.

This masque helps calm the skin and clear breakouts while providing a cooling sensation that refreshes and soothes. Great for after a Peel!

These Retinol Cell Renewal capsules are great compliments to any facial, adding in an extra boost of hydration and promoting rapid cell turnover.

Improve the tone & texture of your skin with a rejuvenating high frequency session. Great for stimulating collagen and elastin production.

Add any of our signature Dermalogica Touch Therapies onto your facial
• Stress relief scalp massage
• Targeted neck & shoulder
• Pressure points
• AGE Reversal

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